Ford Trucks are some of the most popular trucks in America and include:

Ford red f150

Ford Red F150

F-150 The F150 Series Truck. Popular for consumers, contractors, and businesses, the F-150 has metal bumpers on both the front and rear of the truck. These can be repaired when they are dented or twisted and will save owners lots of money.

Fort Superduty

Ford Superduty

SUPER DUTY The Superduty F250 and F350 Trucks are work trucks that are quite common for people needing to transport heavier loads. These trucks also almost always have a metal bumper in both the front and the rear. These can be repaired when they are dented or twisted as well.

Ford E-series Wagon

Ford E-series Wagon

E-SERIES WAGONThe E-series Vans also have metal bumpers in both the front and rear. While these can normally be repaired there are occasional problems where the rear bumper can not be repaired. For example dents in front of the welded brackets that attach the bumper to the frame may not be reachable. And step bumpers often have a welded construction that makes there repair highly dependent on the location of the damage. Take a look at the pictures below showing some repairs made to Ford Trucks to get an idea of what can be done.

  • Ford F150 Rear Bumper Dent
  • Ford Dent Fixed

    Ford Dent Fixed

  • Ford F250 Rear Bumper Dent
  • Ford Bumper Metal Fixed

    Ford Bumper Metal Fixed

  • Ford E250 Rear Bumper
  • Ford E250 fixed bumper

    Ford E250 fixed bumper

  • F250 Rear Bumper
  • ford f250 fixed bumper

    Ford f250 fixed bumper

  • Ford F250 Front Bumper
  • ford f250 rear fixed

    Ford f250 rear fixed